Emovis is a centre of excellence for smart enforcement and the largest supplier of enforcement services
in the UK

We provide a high-quality professional service to our clients – and one which is simple and easy for your customers to use.

Our Smart Enforcement Strategy and Fleet initiatives increases payment rates and reduces costs for you and your customers.

We issue over 3 million penalty notices every year in the UK, and our contact centres handle 1.5 million phone and email contacts per annum.

We have a proven track record in reducing operational costs for Local Authorities, Government Agencies, and clients like National Highways.

We’re flexible and ready to work with you

Given our presence in 10 countries worldwide and our experience in multiple regulatory frameworks, we can configure our systems to adapt to how you want to work and can deliver any or all of the enforcement services you need.

Contravention identification including traffic wardens and all contravention types


Image review


Award winning contact centres/customer services


Penalty notice processing


Penalty notice progression – including the handling of representations/appeals and all other interactions


Fleet Bureau benefits for fleet managers


Managing the whole end to end enforcement service including TEC and TPT


Enforcement agent action


We work with expert UK partners to provide cutting edge end-to-end digital solutions, and applying our Smart Enforcement Strategy from intelligence gathered across the UK, we deliver a more efficient and cost-effective service than conventional enforcement methods.

We’re very flexible. Solutions can be scaled up or down quickly for a tailored approach depending on your needs.


Our Smart Enforcement Approach works

Our research shows that four in every five customers just want to pay their penalty notices quickly and get on with their lives. We make that very easy to do. We do as much as we can to contact your customers as soon as we can. Our whole approach is designed to increase payment rates and maximise revenue collection on your behalf by increasing the speed and efficiency of the enforcement service, whilst significantly reducing your costs against using traditional enforcement processes.



Centre for



A Centre for Excellence

We’ve won or been shortlisted for nine European and UK contact centre industry awards over the past two years on HR issues like employee engagement and diversity and inclusion programmes.