Save time and money with image processing services

Emovis Verify is an automated, scalable web-based system of automatic license plate recognition that saves you time and money. Pairing this highly advanced and secure solution with our award-winning image review service, can maximize revenue collection.

What’s more it can drive productivity in manual image review, help you process images more efficiently and provide in-depth reporting to inform and drive your operational efficiencies. Our image review is a simple, solid and reliable solution

Key Features

  1. Easy to deploy being a web-based application
  2. Highly scalable and can quickly process high volumes
  3. Monitors system health and performance metrics in real time
  4. Uses smart software algorithm to analyse license plate number
  5. Interfaces with multiple third-party roadside software vendors
  6. Secure and fully compliant with all relevant legal and regulatory obligations

Manual image processing services

As well as automatic Image Processing Services, we use manual human review to maximize the revenue assurance program for your tolling agency. This is especially important for staying on top of the increase in local traffic, cross border traffic, specialty license plates and all-electronic-tolling (AET).

Additionally, Manual Image Processing Services can validate license plates, check the class of the vehicle and verify other important information such as vehicle occupancy in case of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) enforcement and ADR plates in case of Environmentally Hazardous Substances transport.

We use an ‘assembly line’ approach to manual review, manning queues with highly-trained users, specialised in recognizing the specific image characteristics required for that queue. This unique approach allows us to achieve high throughput from human reviewers, without loss of identification accuracy in the end results.

The Benefits


Reduce revenue leakage, cut backlog and save on your current in-house Image Review costs, through industry leading performance and accuracy


Our high-speed, scalable and robust infrastructure can easily transition processing of your Image Review to us, in a short period


Our tried and tested review system allows you to reduce the time it takes to process an image down to optimum levels


Our systems are compliant with all relevant compliance, legal and regulatory obligations in the countries we operate in and we obtain the highest standards in line with ISO 27001


We can manage all types of speciality plates and unique plate capture business rules


Our team can quickly process plates in many countries worldwide and have been doing so for nearly 20 years unique plate capture business rules

Why us? – Our Experience

We first began performing license plate reading and registered owner of vehicle (ROV) lookup, in 2003. At that time, we introduced the first open-road tolling project ever deployed in the United States, for the Pocahontas Parkway in Richmond, Virginia. On the back of this, we’ve since introduced various projects across the world.

  • Qatar Ashghal Q-Gate

  • Texas DOT

  • Rhode Island DOT Rhodeworks Truck Tolling

  • Puerto Rico Highway Transportation Authority

  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland M50

  • Holton Borough Council Mersey Gateway Bridge

  • Highways England Dartford Bridge

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