Environment, Sustainability and Governance

Emovis’ commitment to society is oriented to the promotion of sustainable mobility and communities. It means acting today with tomorrow in mind – creating a positive impact based on people’s needs.

We act to reduce the carbon footprint, minimize the environmental impact of our activity, and promote the circular economy. We design and implement solutions based on a more efficient, responsible, and sustainable operating model.

The Priorities

Our sustainable development approach is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and based on three priorities:

01. Good governance and transparency

We run our business with a governance model based on ethics, integrity and transparency with sustainable practices that extends to our supply chain.

02. Limit our impact on the environment

We support the reduction of the carbon footprint, the development of products and services with positive environmental and social impact and innovation aimed at using resources better.

03. Develop human & social capital

Guaranteeing safety and wellbeing, we actively promote diversity and inclusivity to ensure equal opportunities, and the generation of positive synergies with the local community, giving something back.