Our Road Usage Charging Solution

If you are looking to address shrinking gas taxes, congestion, vehicle emissions, or zone tolling. Emovis has the right Road Usage Charging solution to get you started collecting mileage-based user fees: Emovis Drive.



Emovis Drive employs recognized open standards, cloud analytics and mobile technology to provide a tailored solution to our clients. Since it´s first deployment in Oregon in 2015 our solution has evolved to provide a streamlined experience for its users and our clients.



Mileage Reporting Options

You can select any MROs that meet your program needs. Our most popular vehicle solutions for sensing location and/or odometer mileage are:

  • Aftermarket OBDII data loggers with GPS and wireless data connectivity
  • OEM Embedded telematics via intermediary data brokers

We can also support paper based, odometer photograph, smartphone, and non-GPS OBDII device approached within a single integrated system.

User Processing

Our cloud-hosted RUC Processing Subsystem (RPS) gives you customer account management, payment and transaction processing and revenue reconciliation. The RPS also has the capability to integrate with tolling and other forms of mobility service.

Universal Gateway

Your future options remain open with a Universal Gateway for Data Collection. This key component can collect data from multiple mileage reporting options. It is designed to be extensible and maintainable so that any new data sources in the future can easily be integrated with minimal cost and effort. 

Privacy and Data

You and your participants need to know that their personal information and travel habits are kept private. To make your job easy, we keep this data secure. We can provide you with aggregated and anonymized trip data to you with safeguards to ensure that trip ends are randomized and that trips to low travel areas are excluded. And we don’t sell, rent or use any of the data we obtain to monetize it.

Account Management System

Emovis Drive is a customer relationship management suite for account management. It supports unlimited vehicles per account. The underlying SQL server database easily scales to full state-wide programs. We implement secure interfaces to Department of Motor Vehicle registration systems and to existing customer facing websites to create a simple enrollment process.

Business Rule Flexibility

Your current and new business rules are easily implemented within our field proven price module. Multiple RuleIDs and SubRuleIDs can be applied to each trip, allowing for in-state and off-road rates to be applied. New rules can be implemented in most cases with only changing values in the database, helping to keep costs down, and policy changes quicker.

Future Growth

Some systems are difficult and expensive to change, customize, maintain, and modernize, but our Emovis Road User Charging Solution uses open standards, cloud analytics, and mobile technology, to provide smarter road charging solutions. And because customer needs are going to continuously change over the next 20 years, it’s important to have a system designed to grow as the industry does.

Why Us?

We’ve been working with some of the world’s leading toll authorities for over a decade on various road user charging and mileage based user fee projects. In that time, we’ve delivered exceptional customer experiences across the world, see below a sample of our projects:

  • Oklahoma – Fair Miles Program
  • Utah – Road User Charge

  • UK Dept. of Transport – RUC TDP

  • Oregon – Road User Charge

  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland Sustainable Funding Program

  • Slovakia – GPS based OBU and BOS Truck Tolling

  • Washington – Road User Charge

  • Virginia – Mileage-based User Fee Program

Click here to read our case study and learn more about our RUC/MBUF projects.

Download our brochure here or for more information about our Road User Charging and Mileage Based User Fee options, contact us today.