Meet the highest expectations, effortlessly

Today’s world is a digital one. The hunger for quality motorists’ experiences is greater than ever. For any tolling mobility initiative to succeed, designing a seamless user experience and efficient customer service operation for the end user, is more important than ever.

When customer expectations are this high, your operating model must be anchored around the customer and be driven by intelligence. To help deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes, we’ve been developing and successfully implementing our award-winning Customer Care Service on behalf of many high-profile international road authorities, toll operators and highway concessionaires for decades. And they’ve had a lot of success as a result.

Flexible, Customisable Functions

Our Customer Care Services are based on an in-house engineered operating model ensuring high productivity and flexibility. We’ve designed it so that various modules can be added or removed depending on your needs and the local operating environment.

Our highly experienced operations team ensure efficient account management for new and existing toll and mobility customers. What’s more, using lean management and business intelligence tools, they continuously improve the process.

  • Customer Account Management
  • Fleet & Commercial Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Reporting & Analytics

We work with leading, highly regulated organisations to deliver first-class customer service experiences to their customers. We achieve this by putting the customer at the centre of everything we do, be it call centre operations, digital customer service or market research and analysis.

  • Customer Management Strategy
  • Customer Experience Programme Design
  • Contact Management
  • Omni-channel Operations
  • Reporting & Analytics

As part of the successful management of a toll-based mobility operation, our dedicated marketing teams plan, award-winning, large-scale and highly targeted public information campaigns. From marketing strategy and implementation, to communications counsel and public relations management, we can do it all.

  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Campaign/Data Analysis

We understand that organisations have a responsibility to guard their employees, vendors, partners and customers against cyber threats. That’s why our in-house team of experts manage a range of security services to keep you and your organisation protected. As part of this, we ensure all data protection and payment compliance is adhered to and enforced.

  • ISO27001
  • ISO9001
  • GDPR

We’ve extensive experience managing enforcement operations from end to end. Our talented team manage the collection of revenue from the initial contact with a customer, right through to any legal proceedings that might arise.

  • Specialist Resolver Agents
  • Robust Collection Process Design
  • Telephone And Mail Collection Techniques
  • Arrears Management and Legal Procedures
  • Print and fulfilment of invoices/notices

From roadside to back office, we can take care of the financial management of all aspects of your operation.

  • International Accounting Standards
  • Regular & bespoke Financial Reporting
  • Annual Report Preparation
  • Auditing service

We empower our people to champion your customers. We do this by being open and compliant and by sharing our hands-on know-how and expertise, with you.

  • Employment Law
  • Workforce Planning
  • Dedicated and Specialist Training Programs
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Diversity Inclusiveness

When it comes to onboarding and standing up a new operation, our proven capabilities are core to our decades of success. Because we’re experts in the efficient planning, setting-up and implementation of end-to-end solutions for complex processes across regulated markets, it minimises your risk in setting up a new operation or transitioning to a new supplier.

Why it’s so successful


Ours is a proven operations model developed from 40 years of managing customer service operations for some of the most high-profile tolling and mobility operations worldwide.


Covering all aspects of a tolling and mobility operation, it’s customizable with modules that can be added or removed depending on your needs and the local operating environment.


Our meticulously designed solutions are crafted by our expert UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) team, so that the experience meets with the needs and expectations of the modern consumer.

Omni Channel

To ensure we can meet the needs of any end user, our integrated solutions cover walk-in centres, phone-based call centres and digital customer services like websites, mobile apps and live chat.


To ensure 24/7/365 availability of customer service via multi-channel voice and digital services, our suite of self-service digital solutions cover apps, website, chatbots and social media.


Our award-winning HR best practices motivate and retain our best agents, thus ensuring the continuous delivery of high-quality services to the end user.


We constantly seek out ways to work with local companies to help benefit the community.

Local Knowledge

We’ve multiple locations around the globe, ensuring that your region is being served by local expertise.

The Benefits of Emovis Customer Care Service


We can help improve public perception and acceptance of tolling through great customer experience and our award winning marketing and public information campaigns that support toll and mobility operations efficiency.


We can help you improve toll revenue collections on the back of improved social acceptance, while also lowering the cost of collecting tolls through self-care and digital modes.


As award-winning leaders in customer lifecycle management and service, we use data analytics and customer insights to continuously improve the smooth operations of your infrastructure.


We’re PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, meet international security standards and have robust cybersecurity and data protection features to protect the millions of transactions we process yearly.


Our operations solutions have flexibility built in to support client changes or adaptations so we can constantly modify to adjust to new technologies.

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