Client Survey

You Spoke
We Listened

Your voice certainly makes a difference.  In 2021, 96% of our clients reported being satisfied.  More importantly your feedback helps us strengthen our existing skills and apply specific focus to the areas of opportunity. 

Here are some of the areas you asked us to focus on and how we responded

You spoke, we listened (and acted!)

Continue to develop our solutions – functionality, testing and performance

  • New Commercial Back Office powered by Odoo, an innovative solution for the intelligent management of customers and revenue streams in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality.
  • Successful implementation of New Operational Back Office and Manual Image Review Tool to support efficient processing whilst maintaining high standards and optimising collections.
  • Successful delivery of Video Tolling Pay by Plate function into existing tolling system.
  • Ongoing improvement of our mobile payments and web applications to increase self-service and compliance.
  • Global Head of Security hired to develop and drive group security strategy to raise our security maturity and compliance across the business.
  • Software Factory set up completed and new relationship models in place to support our roadmap of new products and solutions including Roadside Equipment & Solutions, Commercial Back Office systems, and Omni Channel Contact Center.
  • Technical teams delivered improvements in testing with the implementation of CICD and the additional hires into the QA Team.

Share innovative solutions throughout the course of projects

  • Held multiple round table and specialist group workshops, allowing our key experts across our worldwide team to open the conversation on best practice, future trends, roadmap of mobility solutions and ideas to support development of service offerings for new and existing clients.
  • Continued to deliver and support projects in the areas of Road User Charging and Video based tolling and classification to support future innovation and automation.
  • Engaged and involved our group experts to support day to day continuous improvement schemes across clients but also support new project rollouts and best practice implementation of omni channel and customer focused solutions.

Quality and accessibility of documentation

  • New document management and collaboration system (Sharepoint and Teams) – rolled out
  • Developed templates for consistent use on all projects under a new program office structure – piloted successfully

Improvements to reporting and management information

  • Piloted successful use of JIRA to support transparency and single view of activity and risks/opportunities across new project roll outs. 

Here’s what you said….
about our strengths!

Overall Management Performance

Overall management performance is strong specifically our ability to manage and explain project risks and the availability of our Top Management.


Covid 19 Response 

85% satisfaction with our management during the Covid Crisis citing strength in our availability, collaboration with client, quick use of technology and our proactive approach. 

Client Relationship

Client relationship is strong with excellent scores for team work, ease of contact and availability and responsiveness.

Skills of our team

Skills of our team are very strong. We had good ratings for management skills, technical skills, effective communication with client teams and the capacity of our managers to work as an integrated team. 

Please do share with us your opinions in this years survey.

Your answers will help us better meet your expectations. If you haven’t yet received the survey link to give your feedback, please speak with your key contact here at Emovis and we’ll be happy to send it on.