Client Survey

You Spoke
We Listened

Your voice certainly makes a difference.  In 2023, 88% of our clients reported being satisfied.  We also see our Net Promotor Score jump 9 points to 64. More importantly, your feedback helps us strengthen our existing skills and apply specific focus to the areas of opportunity.

Here are some of the areas you asked us to focus on and how we responded

You spoke, we listened (and acted!)

Continue to develop our solutions

  • Continued development of our new Commercial Back Office, Emovis Transact, an innovative COTS solution for the intelligent management of customers and revenue streams in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality. Focusing on the key inputs from our many years of experience in mobility operations.
  • Successful deployment and implementation of our Emovis Identify, Qualify and Verify solutions for RSE and Back Office in USA (Elisabeth River Crossings), Netherlands (BBV) and France (SANEF).
  • Successful implementation of our end-to-end solution based in our first Low Emission Zone project in Pamplona Spain implementing Emovis Qualify and Emovis Transact Back Office products.
  • Successful commencement of rollout of our new emovis Identify Free Flow RSE solution in Puerto Rico (Teodoro Moscoso Bridge) , including fibre optics road sensors as alternative to the traditional loops.
  • Continued extension of the Corporate IT services and policies platform worldwide in our strategic competence centres.
  • The implementation and integration of two leading Omni-Channel solutions
    1. AWS Connect deployed as part of our new CSC cloud service contact centre. Integrated all RUC programs to one system. Easier workflow design, robust reporting, integrated voice mail.
    2. Genesys deployed as part of our UK CSC Operations solution to drive improved customer journeys and increased automation to reduce customer effort.


  • Successful deployment and completion of our Emovis Drive satellite solution for the Immense Project, an initiative of EIT Urban Mobility.
  • Exploring new IoT networks and sensors, 5G low latency connectivity, Edge and Fog Computing capabilities to reduce the footprint in the RSE space.
  • As part of our AI program:
    1. Application of deep learning and machine learning in our automated qualification systems in Emovis Qualify for license plate recognition and class mismatch.
    2. Proof of Concept utilizing an AI method for next generation fingerprinting and more within our emovis Identify and Qualify products.
    3. Designing our new adaptative response mechanism based on historical data, patterns and anomalies inputs for the next generation emovis Qualify solution.

Quality and Security

  • Continued focus from our Global Head of Security driving consistency across our business units by strengthening our assurance programs of certifications and accreditations delivering assurance through 3rd party reviews, SOC 2 audits and application of ISO standards.
  • Rigorous promotion of good behaviours through monthly security training modules and advisory notices to all our employees.
  • Ongoing phishing and ransomware exercises to verify the effectiveness of our security defences and evaluate our employee’s reaction and response to them, which informs necessity for any additional training needs.
  • We continually seek ways through periodic evaluations to inform further improvements to our security maturity.
  • Continued improvement of document management and collaboration system across business units with a full restructuring of our Sharepoint and Teams tenants to allow for consistent approach to support ongoing operations and new implementations and improvements in document delivery and version control.
  • Consistent program office structure reinforced across the global footprint.

Improvements to Documentation and Delivery Timescales

  • Delivery time optimisation including implementation of improved monitoring and deliverables tracking, additional checkpoint alerts and redefined internal KPIs for added control of delivery times vs forecast.
  • Documentation delivery improvements driven by additional internal capacity to maintain focus on quality and delivery of documentation supported by improved processes to monitor progress and adherence to documentation requirements.
  • Continued development of JIRA to support transparency and single view of activity and risks/opportunities across new project roll outs; and common view of reporting performance across business units.

Our commitment to Sustainability

  • CRETA Innovation project – Due for completion in 2025 our ongoing proof of concept project to reduce traffic emissions with a focus on real time measurement of individual vehicle emissions, application of dynamic tariffs and exploration & test of the 5G network and Edge computing capabilities.
  • Innovation Teams are focused on Co2 Emissions Tolling, Transport Demand Management (TDM) schemes and test and learn from Artificial Intelligence for Video & Data Analytics that allows to improve our operations and business processes and enhancing and transforming customer experience.
  • Ongoing support to help cities adapt to new laws on climate change and energy transition, through implementation of Low Emission Zones and collection of data relating to volume and pollution.

Here’s what you said….
about our strengths!

Overall Management Performance

Overall Management Performance is strong specifically our adequacy and quality of meetings, availability of our Top Management​ and our focus on management of priorities and responsiveness.



Innovation in the course of the project scores increased again with 85% of respondents scoring Excellent or Above Average as we continue to be seen as a global leader in the area of Tolling Technology and services.

Client Relationship

Client relationship continues to hold strong with excellent scores once again for teamwork, ease of contact & availability and responsiveness. A marked improvement in scores for our ability to understand and take into consideration client constraints was also reported across the board.

Skills of our team

Skills of our team are extremely strong with excellent ratings for technical skills, group expertise, effective communication with client teams and the capacity of our managers to work as an integrated team.

Please do share with us your opinions in this year’s survey.

Your answers will help us better meet your expectations. If you haven’t yet received the survey link to give your feedback, please speak with your key contact here at Emovis and we’ll be happy to send it on.