Our Solution To Your Proprietary Legacy Systems

The road user charging industry has matured since the days of money baskets and cash collectors. However, in the 20 years since electronic toll collection transformed the industry, little else has changed. Except us. As part of our game-changing next-gen initiatives, we developed an alternative to inflexible, proprietary legacy systems.

Systems that are difficult and expensive to change, customize, maintain and modernize. The market ready, end-to-end emovis Road User Charging Solution uses open standards, cloud analytics and mobile technology, to provide smarter road charging solutions. And because customer needs are going to continuously change over the next 20 years, it’s designed to grow as the industry does.

Our Road User Charging Solution

Our innovative, market-ready, end-to-end Road Usage Charging solution is made up of three main components, in one solution:

01. Mileage Reporting

We offer a choice of Mileage Reporting Options (MRO) to track the movement of the vehicles depending on your needs or requirements.

02. Data Collection

You get a cloud-hosted Data Collection Subsystem (DCS) consisting of trip data processing services and database. This allows you to capture and store mileage and location data from different types of MRO technology.

03. User Processing

You also get a cloud-hosted RUC Processing Subsystem (RPS) multi-modal Back Office System. This gives you customer account management, payment and transaction processing, revenue reconciliation, interface to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and collections due. This RPS also has the capability to integrate with tolling and other forms of mobility services.

The Benefits


We’ve extensive experience in road user charging and account management


We’re highly secure and fully compliant against international standards


We offer multiple mileage reporting options


We work with authorities across the world


We have over a wealth of experience providing exceptional customer experiences


We provide a flexible system designed to grow as your customers’ needs change

Why Us?

emovis have extensive experience in road user charging and account management. We’ve been working with some of the world’s leading toll authorities for over a decade. In that time, we’ve delivered exceptional customer experiences for various RUC projects across the world.

  • Utah – Road User Charge

  • UK Dept. of Transport – RUC TDP

  • Oregon – Road User Charge

  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland Sustainable Funding Program

  • Slovakia – GPS based OBU and BOS Truck Tolling

  • Washington – Road User Charge

For more information about making your Road User Charging solution fit for the future, contact us today.