Share. Exchange. Interact.

Interoperability empowers the organizations with an option to interact towards mutually beneficial goals, involving the sharing of information and knowledge between them by an exchange of data between their ICT systems. Technology has transformed our lives and industries in unprecedented ways. Our platform helps to build an ecosystem with the end user at the center. When we refer to an ecosystem, it comprises of all stakeholders in the transport and mobility industry, all of whom collaborate and work toward improving the end user experience. This is how you build personalized and scalable experiences and ultimately, this is the foundation for delivering on a successful interoperability platform. We should all aim towards the same north star: a connected customer experience

The Benefits of Interoperability


We launched the first interoperability hub in Europe and have been innovating ever since. Our system has proven successfully that it can ensure the secure transfer of thousands of data files to and from the platform each day


Errors are low with our advanced platform however our system ensures that we can efficiently assist all stakeholders operating on the platform with any issues if they do arise. We have developed dedicated helpdesks to provide support to all stakeholders participating on the platform


Single, secure point of access and secure transmission of information ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulation


Our platform manages the reconciliation of all transaction files with settlement statements. Mobility service users receive a single invoice from their account manager


Emovis has proven experience in designing robust governance to ensure that the platform is managed in a transparent, simplified and efficient manner


Our mission is to make sure our technologies connect, and not compete, with each other. We’re in it together whether its public transport, private transport, a toll charger or MaaS operator our platform drives stronger relationships across the ecosystem

Tolling interoperability in Ireland – A ground breaking success since day one

As experts in data solutions and interoperability we have developed and managed the innovative IMSP in Ireland for many years. The IMSP is a bespoke system. The IMSP hub provides essential communication and clearing of Toll Charges between the various Tag Service Providers. It takes a complex communication requirement and smoothly facilitates accurate and seamless billing to all tag customers, while providing ancillary services to all Tag Providers.

As operator of the IMSP, Emovis supports the interoperability between 11 Toll Chargers and 3 Tag Service Providers. Essentially, the IMSP is a clearing system between Toll Charges and Tag Service Providers. Every day, 160 files are exchanged between the IMSP Hub and each Toll company in Ireland. As a result, more than 2,000 files are exchanged every day on the network.

  • First interoperability hub in Europe

  • 200M+ Tag Transactions since inception up to 2018 cleared by the IMSP

  • 56M Tag Transactions per annum managed by the Irish hub

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