Emovis is pleased to announce a partnership with Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) to refresh and upgrade the toll collection system. As part of the collaboration, Emovis will provide a new roadside solution to ERC, a limited liability company that finances, delivers, operates, and maintains the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project located in the South Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

With Emovis´ new roadside solution and the improved vehicle detection and identification systems, ERC will not only simplify and reduce the footprint of the original toll gantries, but they will also maximize the toll compliance.
“As infrastructure operators we are very excited to rely on partners that will provide the most advanced technology solutions to continue delivering the best service to our customers,” says Anna Bonet, CEO of ERC.

As part of the 15-month project, four Open Road Tolling zones will be deployed at two bi-directional tunnel ramps. The project will be completed when all the requirements-based tests are passed, and the 90-day final acceptance test concludes.

“Emovis will deploy its own most advanced roadside solution that incorporates IoT devices from several leading providers,” said Charlie Mitchell, Emovis Director of Intelligent Transportation Solution projects. “The tolling host will be deployed on virtual machines on the Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud, providing high-availability and good operating costs. Emovis will ensure best practices for data security.”

The project commenced on January 25th, 2023, further building on Emovis’ work in Virginia. In July 2022, Emovis and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles launched a Mileage-Based User Fee program in the state called “Mileage Choice”. The program has been well received, with over 10,000 cars registered in the first six months.

“The transportation system requires solutions that are safe, comfortable, fast and convenient,” said Christian Barrientos, CEO of Emovis. “It is inspiring to collaborate with clients like ERC that are committed to investing in technology and smart engineering to ensure a smooth experience for their customers.”

About Elizabeth River Crossings

Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC), officially Elizabeth River Crossings OpCo, LLC, is a limited liability company owned by Abertis and Manulife Investment Management. ERC’s sole purpose is to finance, deliver, operate, and maintain the Elizabeth River Crossings facilities which include the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels and the MLK Freeway extension, as part of a 58-year public-private partnership (PPP or P3) with the Virginia Department of Transportation. ERC also provides incident response for the West Norfolk and Berkley Bridges, although operations of these bridges remain with VDOT.