Virginia’s Mileage Choice Program, operated by Emovis, is LIVE, and over 2,000 eligible vehicle owners have already applied to the program since its launch on July 1st.

The Mileage Choice Program is a voluntary option for drivers of electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles who pay the state’s highway use fee. The fee is assessed based on the number of miles the average Virginian drives in a year—11,600 miles. Instead of paying the fee up-front at registration, customers who participate in the Mileage Choice Program will only pay for the actual number of miles they drive throughout the year.

This is possible thanks to Emovis’ dedicated RUC solution, product and services already operating the UTAH RUC program.

About the program:

  • Awarded to Emovis in December 2021, it consolidates Emovis as a leader in the Mileage-Based User Fee space in the USA, following the two existing revenue-service programs in Utah and Oregon
  • It is the first RUC/MBUF program on the East Coast and, over time, could have up to 1.9 million eligible vehicles
  • It will be run by Emovis for 3 years with the potential for additional renewable years

The program shows a clear commitment of the administration and the public towards Mileage-Based User Fee in the country as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the U.S. transportation syste

More info at: – va_mileage_choice.asp