It is a challenge for Tolling Agencies and Authorities to meet increasing customer expectations while minimizing the impact of disruptions and ensuring revenue collection. Emovis US Inc., part of Abertis Mobility Services, one of the world’s leading providers of road mobility solutions, has a long history of providing back-office solutions for tolling, enforcement, congestion charging, interoperability, and road usage charging to large and small organisations in the US and across the globe. Emovis now offers the new Commercial Back Office powered by Odoo, an innovative solution for the intelligent management of customers and revenue streams in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality.

Building on the latest open-source technology, the new Commercial Back Office powered by Odoo provides the following main features:

  • Customer registration and cancellation
  • Customer account updates
  • Enforcement unregistered users
  • Account receivables payment
  • Dunning bad debt and recovery
  • General Ledger interface (financial and accounting)
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Customer relationship management
  • Tag inventory management
  • Business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

“With our years of international experience and expertise in providing customer and revenue management and operation services for all types of roads and highways, we understand the importance of providing flexible solutions to our clients,” said Jurica Ursic, CTO of Abertis Mobility Services. “Our new solution enables clients to select which features are most appropriate for their needs without requiring costly and complex custom developments.”

The new back-office solution is also more cost-effective than other existing products, thanks in part to being powered by the Odoo open-source platform, a suite of business management software tools used worldwide by over 7,000 companies. It supports various financial products with tools fully interconnected for reports and ledgers and differentiates from market competitors in the following ways:

  • It brings benefits from Odoo commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform being used by other business domains (e.g. utilities, transportation, insurance, etc.);
  • It’s a cloud native application allowing for superior customer experiences and greater reliability due to being fault tolerant with resiliency and self-healing built in;
  • It’s fully based on standard web technologies thus removing any issues related to technology obsolescence.

“Our commitment to using the Odoo platform was made after a thorough analysis of the market, trends and alternatives,” said Mr. Ursic. “Using open-source technology, we can pass on these savings, making our new commercial back-office a more cost-effective option suitable for both large and small organisations. The implementation time is around 30% less than with traditional commercial back-office systems.”   

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