Emovis, part of Abertis Mobility services and one of the world’s leading providers of toll-based mobility solutions, launches a new center of excellence for its cutting-edge image-reviewing services this month. In a further commitment to providing the highest quality service to its clients and users – everyday drivers across the world, – the new center will operate from Emovis’ existing venue locations in Santiago de Chile and San Juan de Puerto Rico. The company, which is part of infrastructure giant Abertis, has chosen a multisite approach to guarantee service continuity and to maximise resilience to potentially external disruptive factors.

Image-reviewing services support the smooth-running of Emovis’ main operations such as FreeFlow or Road User Charges, currently present in North and South America, as well as in other regions including the Middle East or Europe. These services allow for thousands of photographs of vehicles using Emovis’ toll roads and highways to be manually checked to confirm and correct when required the vehicle details. By combining decades of experience manually processing toll transactions with automation, machine learning and fingerprinting technologies, Emovis ensures a reduction in fraud and revenue leakages for road authorities, overall increase in collections, as well as providing a high-quality data-safe service to road users.

“Excellence in back-office systems are the backbone of well-functioning operations,” says Christian Barrientos, CEO of Abertis Mobility Services (Emovis). “This new multi-site center of excellence will be key to providing a flexible, resilient service which allows us to increase quickly the productivity and throughput of our services guaranteeing the quality and service levels we offer to our clients.

According to Victor Montenegro, Commercial Director of ViasChile, “a service which can run from both Chile and Puerto Rico is crucial for roads in these regions, as well as in others, where a sudden increase in demand requires an immediate response and a quick reaction, like the one provided by Emovis”.

“There are other potentially harming events like technological disruption or, even simply, staff not being able to get to either of the centers on a given day,” agrees Jorge Veci, COO of Metropistas. “However, having two sites with two excellent teams allows for a strong, rapid and needed response. We praise Emovis in this new project.”

This ambitious project responds to the needs of a market where operations must maintain demanding service levels and therefore must have the flexibility to react immediately to unexpected increases in workload (surges in traffic) as well as reductions in capacity due to natural or technological disasters or unavailability of operating personnel.

For more information please contact sales@emovis.com.