Emovis, part of Abertis Mobility Services, has implemented a new roadside solution for Puerto Rico’s Teodoro Moscoso Bridge (TMB), operated by Autopistas Metropolitanas de Puerto Rico (Metropistas). Building on Emovis’ work with Metropistas over many years, the Emovis roadside solution is maximizing toll compliance through improved vehicle detection and identification systems.

The Teodoro Moscoso Bridge opened in 1994 and since then has been operated by Abertis. It is an entrance to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and processes over 8,000,000 transactions per year.​ With this project, TMB has expanded two additional lanes and refreshed four existing lanes.

As part of the solution, state of the art cameras with external illuminators have been deployed. These cameras are able to read dirty license plates, even at night. All of the equipment previously in the lane has been moved, reducing the risk of equipment damage from vehicles. The legacy equipment had more than 10 cabinets of networking and equipment servers supporting four lanes. All the equipment is now in a single server rack.

Metropistas has been collaborating with Abertis since 2011 through a public-private partnership. The company operates several major highways throughout Puerto Rico. As part of the partnership, Emovis led several projects over the years:

The RENO project involved the implementation of 10 electronic toll gates distributed along the PR 22 highway, approximately 84 km long, and the PR-5, some five km long.

As part of the 6MOR project in 2017, five gantries were installed on PR-22 and an additional one on PR-5.

The 2021 DTL-Dorado project involved the renovation and operation of two gantries into one dynamic toll lane on PR-22. The solution provided drivers an alternative route during the hours of greatest vehicle congestion.

In 2022, the System Camera refresh project began. Over 120 traffic cameras in all the gantries on the highways PR-22 and PR-5 were replaced to with the latest cutting-edge technology.

“The results of these projects over the years have been phenomenal,” said Julián Fernández Rodes, CEO of Metropistas.“This latest Teodoro Moscoso Bridge project will reduce tolling incidents and congestion, thus providing greater reliability and safety for drivers.”

Christian Barrientos, CEO of Abertis Mobility Services, concluded: “Metropistas has been a terrific partner over the years, demonstrating a strong commitment to continuous improvement while investing in the best technology available. Our latest solution for the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge will enable us to create even greater impact for the many stakeholders that connect to this project.”

About Metropistas:

Metropistas is the consortium that manages toll highways in Puerto Rico within the framework of Public-Private Partnerships under Law Number 29 of June 8, 2009. The Puerto Rican company, composed of Abertis and its investment partners, is responsible for operating, rehabilitate and preserve infrastructure conditions and ensure the quality of service on the highways it operates. Metropistas manages the concession contracts for Puerto Rico Highways (Teodoro Moscoso Bridge), Puerto Rico Metropolitan Highways (PR-22 and PR-5) and Puerto Rico Tollroads (PR-52, PR-66, PR-53 and