• AMS, the technological subsidiary of Abertis and leader in mobility solutions, has doubled its workforce in Barcelona in the last two years and plans to continue growing through the incorporation of new technological profiles.
  • The new office, located in the Prisma building, has been designed under demanding sustainability criteria and with open and connected spaces to facilitate flexible work.
  • From its premises in Barcelona, ​​AMS operates in 13 countries and has a global workforce of more than 700 people, employing talent from more than 30 nationalities.


Barcelona, 14 Februray 2014

– Abertis Mobility Services (AMS), technological subsidiary of Abertis and leader in sustainable mobility solutions, has experienced significant growth in its project portfolio in Europe and the United States in recent years, which has allowed its workforce in Barcelona to double in 2021 and 2022. For this reason, it leaves the corporate offices and moves to its new headquarters in the Prisma building on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona.

The new premises will host AMS’ innovation ecosystem, giving support to teams present in the 13 countries where the company operates. As Christian Barrientos, CEO of AMS, explains, “The new challenges in mobility are driving our business internationally through the implementation of road usage charging solutions, free flow tolling or low emission zones. For this reason, at AMS we needed a space where all our people could be together, offering the best support in the development of solutions and technology for our teams around the world, and most importantly, promoting and strengthening a team culture with common objectives of collaboration and innovation”.

The new premises, located in the Prisma building on Avenida Diagonal, very close to the Abertis headquarters, have been designed under demanding sustainability criteria, with open and connected spaces to facilitate flexible work, enhancing its corporate culture.  “We have designed a functional workplace for our people, welcoming and flexible, to facilitate the daily interaction amongst teams from all over the world” explains Andoni Armentia, People & Organization Director of AMS. To respond to this growth, the company will continue acquiring talent with a specific focus on technology and mobility. 

The AMS People and Organization program, in line with the United Nations SDGs, focuses on employee engagement, diversity, inclusion, health and well-being, for which it has been distinguished with several international awards. In addition, AMS is committed to the society in which it operates and collaborates with different employability support organizations that work with all kinds of candidates: from people with autism, to learning difficulties or other disabilities.


About Abertis Mobility Services (AMS)

Abertis Mobility Services (AMS) is the technology subsidiary of the Abertis group, with expertise in the implementation of cutting-edge technology platforms and operation services for the management of infrastructures and smart mobility in urban and interurban environments. It concentrates free flow toll activities and the implementation of the technological ecosystem for urban traffic management through Low Emission Zones and Road Usage Charging. It is present in 13 countries, which allows to also provide experience in multiple regulatory frameworks and solutions.

The solutions proposed by AMS are comprehensive and address the entire value chain, from the implementation of technological platforms and client management to operation and maintenance. AMS has extensive knowledge of vehicle detection systems, a long track record and proven experience, as well as value-added services aimed at improving customer experience and regulatory compliance.


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Abertis Mobility Services (AMS)

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