Enforcement Back Office

Emovis Enforcement Back Office is a flexible stand-alone toll enforcement system that uses state-of the-art technologies to ensure maximum toll collection rates and reduce non-payment. This system ensures the maximum scheme compliance and revenue collection can be obtained.

Key benefits of the Emovis solution

  • Full financial traceability of toll revenues at any time
  • Financial reporting and auditing tools in accordance with toll agencies or toll concessionaires’ regulations
  • Increased business intelligence for future planning and revenue projection through simplified and configurable review and reconciliation
  • Reduced risk via increased audit granularity
  • Easily introduce new business rules and account types at any stage
  • Easily amend charging structures at any stage
  • Multiple toll schemes can manage any type of tolling transactions such as free flow tolling, video tolling, road user charging and congestion charging
  • Multiple configurations that can manage pre-pay, post-pay, variable or flat tolling fees catering for any type of road users (individuals, commercial fleet, rental car companies, truck companies)
  • Reversal and reprocessing for any transaction type, quickly and easily
  • Flexible IT infrastructure configuration hosted locally or on the cloud
  • Handle multiple toll schemes run by different toll infrastructure managers, which can help maximize the investment (“shared Commercial Back Office”)
  • Quick to implement because it’s a pre-configured product with dozens of built-in business rules already pre-integrated
  • Critical reporting data available when and how you need it
  • 24/7 visibility on data and team performance
  • 75 real-time performance dashboards to choose from, built-in as standard
  • User-configurable options to create additional dashboards
  • Standard interfaces ensure it’s easily integrated with any kind of payment gateway, call centre system, roadside operational back office platform, point of sales network or mailing system
  • Includes a comprehensive suite of features including image review, violation, enforcement, digital self-service customer channels, scientific data mining and financial systems
  • Empowers Contact Centre Agents with easy access to all account information, from any location
  • Provides users with fast and accurate billing
  • 24/7 account management through easy online and app payments
  • Accurate bills and personal payment plans
  • Greater flexibility and functionality for fleet owners and rental car companies
  • Process millions of toll transactions through its “core billing engine” (Hybris)
  • Expertly designed with Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software used worldwide
  • High availability due to our system architecture and design
  • Easily expandable so can support extension of toll scheme or increase in toll volume transactions very easily and without a need for a complete software redevelopment
  • Improved automation due to increased self-service solutions available
  • Reduced operating expenditure due to increased self-service solutions available.
  • Minimized toll revenue leakages due to system business rules and real time KPI monitoring
  • Faster and more accurate image review
  • Uses Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software
  • Full cybersecurity with audited PCI security
  • FedRAMP platform availability
  • FIPS/NIST 800-53 compliance

Our Enforcement Services

We offer arrange of additional services to support the efficient operation of enforcement:

  • PCN processing

  • Unpaid tolls recovery service

  • Enforcement of high vehicle occupancy lanes

For more information about maximising your revenue with our brand-new back office system, contact us today