The Way Forward For Existing Tolled Plazas

Video Tolling also referred to as ‘Pay by Plate’ is an emerging automated, seamless payment method based on automatic recognition of license plates. A growing number of traditional barrier tolled motorways are turning to video toll lanes in order to provide road users with a better travel experience, as they avoid all the hassle associated with tag-based tolling. But more than anything, they’re doing it to move themselves into the era of modern future-focused tolling.

Where Video Tolling Triumphs

Adding Video Toll Lanes to Electronic Toll Collection Lane boosts Toll Plazas throughput

Video Tolling (VT) provide a seamless payment channel for motorists who don’t want tags – occasional drivers, foreign users, or younger drivers. Video Tolling provides them with a seamless toll paying experience. They just need to register online or via a smartphone app. Users enjoy the benefit of being recognized when traveling through the VT lane, as the barrier ‘magically’ opens for them. In this configuration, your toll plaza will consist of a mix of ETC lanes, VT lanes and Cash & Credit/Debit Card Lanes

Introducing electronic tolling without tags

In this configuration, Video Tolling replaces the need for tags or readers at all. Our simple roadside solution consists solely of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras installed to the side in each VT lane.

The Benefits For The Toll Operator/Concessionaire


A new cashless means of paying for tolls


Process more vehicles per hour than with cash or credit/debit card lanes supported by the mature ALPR video technology



Ease the customer management relationships by the Operator/ Concessionaire


A great intermediate step in the transition to free-flow tolling


The self-service model greatly reduces operating costs


Easy to maintain roadside (only ANPR cameras) and avoid the logistical hassles associated with tags

Key benefits of the Emovis solution

  1. Supports both open and closed toll system
  2. Able to operate either as a stand-alone, independent tolling solution or to be easily integrated into the pre-existing toll plaza
  3. Easy to configure and implement thanks to the modular and scalable software solution developed in-house by Emovis
  4. Camera Agnostic: Your previous investments in the ALPR cameras can be reused for the Video Tolling implementation in your toll system
  5. Full integration with Payment Service Providers (Credit/Banking/ Petrol Cards etc.)
  6. Full integration with your existing User Account Management Application
  7. Optional provision of a dedicated website or tolling mobile app to further enhance the customer experience
  8. Resilient and easy to maintain solution

Why Us?

Emovis have extensive experience in Video Tolling. We’ve been working with some of the world’s leading toll authorities for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve delivered exceptional customer experiences for various video tolling projects across the world. We are also among the first pioneers of free-flow tolling schemes that have leveraged video tolling solutions. We draw from this experience to deliver best-in-class video toll lane solutions for either traditional barrier toll operations or free flow toll operations around the world.


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