Emovis SafeCall – Answering the Call

Emovis are a leader in the design and supply of road emergency call networks worldwide. Our Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) play a key role in ensuring road safety to millions of road users across multiple countries. The Emovis SafeCall products offer the largest range of Emergency Call Boxes.

They’re capable of addressing all your requirements in terms of standards, communication protocols, climate conditions and environment. Recognized by infrastructure operators as the most reliable product on the market, Emovis SafeCall reduces your maintenance costs and improves your security networks availability.



Emovis SafeCall is designed to work seamlessly whatever the communication requirements. As such, our durable Emergency Call Boxes are available with multiple communication supports including:

  • Optical fiber
  • Etherent (IP)
  • GSM
  • Copper Cable
  • PSTN
  • Radio (link between primary and secondary call box)


Emovis SafeCall offers a leading integrated software solution to manage every emergency call efficiently and effectively, every time. This powerful and proven software is based on open standards (SIP. TCPIP, SNMP, MODBUS). This allows it to easily integrate with existing systems of infrastructure and operating systems.


From pollution to humidity, the road network is a corrosive environment. Because of this, the Emovis SafeCall range has been designed to resist even the harshest constraints. From built-in resin cards to anti-corrosion material, it won’t let you down in any environment.


Whether it’s roads, bridges or tunnels, Emovis SafeCall can be integrated into any kind of infrastructure. What’s more, Emovis SafeCall Emergency Call Boxes are available on several formats – Standard (for road and expressways), Reduced (for bridges) and Mini, Cabinet or Front Panel (for tunnels).

Highly Compliant

Emovis Safecall is fully compliant to the highest standards in the world (NFP99-250, NFP99-251, NFP99252, NFP99253). This compliance is systematically validated by laboratory tests and certification tests (crash tests and climate tests).



In 50 years of existence 36000 Emergency Call (PAU) have been deployed in 17 countries.

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