Celebrating 40
years of growing
with the United

We made our first move across the Atlantic in 1979 and since then we have successfully delivered dozens of tolling based mobility solutions across most of the U.S. states, including U.S. territories. Partnering with several top clients, helping them build their businesses and better serve their customers.

Team U.S.A.

The Emovis team in the USA consists of some of the brightest minds who are working at the regional head office in Long Island, New York. Our shared growth has been driven by our most important asset – our people. Empowered by our culture of innovation which encourages the proactive development of grassroots level innovative solutions to business challenges, our employees take the lead in finding and bringing solutions to fruition. We are closely connected to our strong global community and culture within Emovis, and work on the premise that the company’s success is our success. We always strive to strengthen our innovative, open, and dynamic atmosphere.

From coast to

Emovis projects span many states

Emovis has a long history of projects in the United States, spanning many locations including New Jersey, New York, San Francisco, Virginia, Michigan, California, Delaware, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Part of the united states community

With a strong presence at its New York-area main office, Emovis is a committed tolling industry player. The company works to advance and sustain the U.S. industry through its active membership in the not-for-profit TeamFlorida, the recently-established MBUF Alliance, and as a Platinum sponsor of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, the leading voice of the U.S. and global tolling industry

The next chapter in our United States journey

Emovis is growing. Fast. Working to establish industry leadership in the United States with a focus on the next generation of smart, toll-based mobility solutions. The practice encompasses a full suite of cutting-edge technologies, including GPS-based tolling to offer vehicles miles traveled mobility pricing, smartphone app solutions, business intelligence tools to drive customer satisfaction, and cloud-based IT architectures and cybersecurity techniques to protect critical tolled infrastructures.

Our lead role in some recent high profile, state first projects such as Oregon’s OReGo Road Usage Charge Program (RUC) pilot program and Utah’s Road Usage Charging for Alternative Fuel Vehicles is a shining example of Emovis commitment to constant innovation. These emerging road usage charge programs may soon pave the way for a fundamental change in the U.S.’s approach to tackling urban congestion and road funding. Indeed, charging vehicles according to their actual mileage usage of the roads provides the basis for a fairer way of generating sustainable revenue streams, while encouraging road users to opt for alternative modes of transportation.