emovis is proud to offer a wide range of toll-based solutions that cater to today’s and tomorrow’s ever-expanding mobility needs.

Digital Tolling / Mobile Tolling

Smartphones are skyrocketing as the device of choice for almost every type of transaction. Tolling is no exception, especially among Millennials.

To match this wave of the future, emovis has engineered a smartphone-based tolling application allowing toll-payment without a tag such as the QuickPay app we have developed in Ireland.

All Electronic Tolling (AET) / Free Flow Tolling

An increasing number of tolled infrastructures are turning to barrier-free / cashless tolling to offer seamless journeys to drivers while maximizing toll-system efficiency.

Thanks to the successful conversion of London’s Dartford Crossing and Ireland’s busiest ring road (M50) into full AET, as well as the delivery of the $2.4b New Mersey Gateway in 2017, emovis has become Europe’s leading free-flow tolling operator.

Our solutions portfolio encompasses all possible charging options, from video-tolling to dual DRSC-RFID, including fully automated reversible and non-intrusive AET gantry using thermal imaging technology.

We have implemented (and are operating) some of the world’s most challenging AET schemes, including

Dartford Crossing

Road User Charging / Pay-As-You-Drive

Paying per mile traveled is increasingly seen as a smarter way to fund road networks, particularly with the rise of electric cars and the rapid spread of ever-higher fuel-efficient vehicles.

In the U.S. we are currently testing two Road User Charging (RUC) projects in the states of Oregon and Washington for which we conceived innovative mileage reporting tools. Have a look at our pilots:


Low Emission Zones / Environmental Charging

Air quality is progressively becoming a major public health issue. Many cities around the world (particularly in Europe) are turning to Low Emission Zones (LEZ) to curb the emissions of fine particles and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Our experience in video imaging dense traffic conditions and non-intrusive automatic vehicle classification systems has allowed us to develop an easy-to-deploy LEZ solution that can be adapted to multiple urban configurations, including environmental charging schemes.

Cross-Border Enforcement / Toll Revenue Compliance

Conversion into free-flow tolling corridors, the creation of Congestion Charging in large metropolitan areas, and multiplication of Low Emission Zones in Europe require smart enforcement solutions to ensure high revenue compliance.

One of the challenges lies with out-of-state drivers and foreign vehicles for which it is difficult to recover unpaid tolls. It also raises the issue of fairness and equality among road users.

To address this challenge, we have developed a Cross-Border Enforcement platform enabling Infrastructure Managers to efficiently recover unpaid toll bills across multiple jurisdictions and States.


emovis staff

Tolling back Office

In any tolled infrastructure, not matter its size, the tolling Back Office is vital as it handles the customer relationships and ensures proper revenue collection. Because of its strategic role, we have designed a highly scalable and customer-centric application which addresses the numerous operational challenges that come with a wide diversity of toll schemes and tariff structures.

Our in-house solution is modular by design, allowing us to offer a fully customizable solution to our Clients. The modules includes

Customer Management
Contact Centre Management
Revenue Processing & Invoicing
Electronic Tag Management
Customer Service Representative Reconciliation
Violation Processing
Digital Image Processing

Correspondence Processing (telephone, email and standard mail)
Inquiry, event logging, escalation and resolution
Business Intelligence Reporting
Interfaces with department of motor vehicles
Electronic check banking, Debit Card banking and automated clearing house

Dynamic Tolling / Managed Lanes

Adjusting toll levels in real-time according to traffic conditions is a powerful tool to decongestion strategic road corridors.

Drawing from our motorway’s DNA, we have developed a flexible Managed Lane solution capable of handling multiple configurations, including complex trip reconstructions.


Dynamic Toll Lane, Metropistas, Puerto Rico

Toll Interoperability / Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Inter-connection of free-flow tolling road networks, deployment of road user charging schemes, as well as the rapid spread of connected cars make e-toll interoperability hubs a vital piece of the emerging Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market.

To address this emerging mobility need, we have developed a cloud-based clearing platform which allows multiple toll agencies and toll service providers to seamlessly and securely share their e-tolling transactions.


In the US, emovis co-operates the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI). ATI allows US Toll Agencies to increase their revenues by recovering tolls from uncollectible toll transactions. In addition, the hub offers Value Added Services such as centralized financial settlement and access to vehicle owner information and consolidated transponder matching.


1 car out of 5 in Ireland is using the emovis Interoperability Hub. Our nationwide platform is connecting Ireland’s 11 Toll Roads and processing over 500,000 tags issued by 14 different Toll Service Providers in Ireland.