We know, from experience, that there is no “one size fits all” tolling solution. This is why our approach consists of working hand in hand with our Clients from the onset to design a solution that best meets their needs while taking into account the local characteristics of the project.

We offer a wide range of custom tailored solutions including for:

All Electronic Tolling | Tolling Back Office | Operations | Interoperability Hub | Advanced Tolling

All Electronic Tolling (AET)

Free Flow

A growing number of infrastructures are turning to All Electronic Tolling in order to provide road users with a better travel experience.

With AET, toll revenues are electronically collected without any human intervention, thus providing Road Owners and Highway Operators with a very cost-effective solution for managing their road assets.

AET is also safer, quicker and more convenient for road users as there is no need to stop to pay tolls as charging data is automatically collected, analyzed and processed though the Tolling Back Office.

The most critical roadside components of an AET system are:
Vehicle Detection,
Identification & Tracking Units
Automatic Vehicle Classification Sub-systems
Enforcement Modules
Data Aggregator applications

Reversible Gantry

Our Automated Reversible Gantry (Read more)

Discover our latest innovation

Years of experience have conferred us a unique expertise in implementing best-in class technological modules allowing us to offer high performance tolling solutions. We have acquired a unique know-how in converting traditional tolling schemes into full AET without negatively impacting the traffic flows, or the revenue streams of the road operator.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can address any type of barrier-free tolling scheme, including All Electronic Tolling (AET), Multilane Free Flow (MLFF), Video Tolling (Pay-By-Plate), Open Road Tolling (ORT), Urban Tolling (City Congestion Charging) Dynamic Toll Pricing and Nationwide Truck Tolling.

We have implemented (and are operating) some of the world’s most challenging AET schemes, including

Dartford Crossing

Tolling Back Office

back office

In any tolled infrastructure, not matter its size, the tolling Back Office is vital as it handles the customer relationships and ensures proper revenue collection. Because of its strategic role, we have designed a highly scalable and customer-centric application which addresses the numerous operational challenges that come with a wide diversity of toll schemes and tariff structures.

Our in-house solution is modular by design, allowing us to offer a fully customizable solution to our Clients. The modules includes

Customer Management
Contact Centre Management
Revenue Processing & Invoicing
Electronic Tag Management
Customer Service Representative Reconciliation
Violation Processing
Digital Image Processing
Correspondence Processing (telephone, email and standard mail)
Inquiry, event logging, escalation and resolution
Business Intelligence Reporting
Interfaces with department of motor vehicles
Electronic check banking, Debit Card banking and automated clearing house


emovis staff



Our approach to operations is practical and is focused on delivering high quality local services to meet the local needs. We achieve this through the fusion of trained and competent local resources with the backing of a depth and breadth of international expertise.

We operate some of the world’s busiest and strategically important free-flow toll roads including Dublin’s M50 Ring Road, Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge and the UK’s Dartford Crossing. These successes are built upon our long standing operational know-how acquired over many years across several countries.

In that regard, we have developed an unmatched operational expertise when it comes to

Defining the optimal operating business model
Specifying the operator’s business rules that optimize the Opex costs
Defining the optimum level of resources required to collect tolls as efficiently as possible
Setting operating rules that ensure business continuity at all times
Timely mobilization of operational resources during the pre-operational phase
Ensuring smooth operational transition when taking over an existing operation
Ensuring the highest level of toll revenue collection
Ensuring full traceability of the operating instructions and the historical data
Providing on-going support to local staff
Ensuring full compliancy with privacy regulations and data integrity standards

You can check out our operational references here

Interoperability Hub


Our interoperability Hub provides a platform for automated toll transaction clearing between participating Toll Agencies / Toll Service Providers. Our solution can accept almost an unlimited number of TA’s / TSP’s. This considerably simplifies the travel experience for drivers, as they only need one tag and one account to travel on different highways.

For Toll Operators and Highway concessionaires, this means lower CAPEX and OPEX costs as customers can pay for their travel on multiple highways with a single payment reducing collection costs, and increased revenues by reducing toll evasion.

With the ever increasing roll-out of All Electronic Tolling schemes around the world, the interoperability hub powered by emovis is a key application to ensure the mobility of millions of motorists. In addition, our business model offers very attractive transaction based pricing for any Toll Agency / Highway Concessionaire.

We currently operate two major interoperability platforms


In the US, emovis co-operates the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI). ATI allows US Toll Agencies to increase their revenues by recovering tolls from uncollectible toll transactions. In addition, the hub offers Value Added Services such as centralized financial settlement and access to vehicle owner information and consolidated transponder matching.


1 car out of 5 in Ireland is using the emovis Interoperability Hub. Our nationwide platform is connecting Ireland’s 11 Toll Roads and processing over 500,000 tags issued by 14 different Toll Service Providers in Ireland.

Advanced Tolling

advanced tolling

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Highway Operators, Public private Partnerships (PPP) Developers, Road Authorities and Concessionaires are constantly looking for toll collection systems that maximize their revenue collection while lowering their Operational Costs (OPEX).

With more than 50 years of experience in designing and implementing toll collection systems around the world, we have built a unique track record in delivering resilient and efficient toll systems that address almost all possible configurations.

Our solutions portfolio encompasses
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lanes based on DSRC, RFID or mixed protocols
Free Flow lanes
Video-Based Tolling lanes
Automated Toll Payment Machines (ATPM)
Automatic Coin Machines (ACM)
Fully Automated Toll Plazas

Our solutions are designed to boost traffic while guaranteeing Road Operators with the highest toll transaction matching rate at the lowest operational costTo that end, we have developed our own in-house solutions for the most critical sub-systems including Video-Based Toll Enforcement Module, Automatic Payment Machines, Automatic Coin Machines and Toll Plaza Supervisory Software.


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One of our strengths lie in our capability to seamlessly integrate electronic tolling into existing toll systems without impacting the IT architecture of the tolled infrastructure.

Below you will find few examples of our most recent projects.


In 2015, we automated the truck access terminal of Eurotunnel with our in-house designed Automated Toll Payment Machines, thus enhancing the productivity of Europe’s leading freight operator.


Poland’s A1 Highway

In 2015, we upgraded 87 toll lanes of the A1 enabling the Operator to increase its traffic throughput along Poland’s strategic North-South highway corridor.


Croatia’s A1 Highway

We designed & delivered a fully automated toll plaza along Croatia’s A1 highway, allowing the Road Authorities to cope with the high summer peak traffic to the pristine Adriatic coast and in the most cost-effective manner.


Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

We integrated two Open Road Toll (ORT) lanes on the Newport Bell bridge to ease traffic flows and remove congestion on this constrained tolled infrastructure.