We operate and maintain some of the most highly travelled barrier-free toll highways in the world. On average, we process 314 million toll transactions every year, collecting about US$ 503 million toll revenues annually on behalf of Public and Private Road Infrastructure Managers.

Combined with Abertis’ own highway operations (more than 8,300km), we are one of the leading toll-based mobility operators.

Below are some of the strategically important toll facilities that we operate.


In Vancouver, we operate the All Electronic Tolling system of the Port Mann BridgeThis is North America’s largest toll point (with 12 traffic lanes).

In Vancouver, we also operate the All Electronic Tolling system of the Golden Ears Bridge, the first electronic tolled bridge in Western Canada.

In Québec, we are currently upgrading and will maintain the All Electronic Tolling system of the A25 highway between the cities of Laval and Montréal.

We converted Puerto Rico’s busiest highway corridors (PR-22 and PR-5) into a full All Electronic Tolling highway. We are currently operating this AET system for Metropistas.

Canada, BC, Coquitlam.  Port Mann Bridge aerial view looking west.
IMP All electronic tolling- Golden Ears Bridge- province- Canada IMG_1522
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Photo credit: courtesy of Concession A25 S.E.C


We operate the free-flow All Electronic Tolling system for London’s Dartford Crossing, the UK’s busiest traffic hot spots with traffic peaking at 180,000 vehicles per day.

In 2017, we will operate via MerseyFlow the New Mersey Gateway whose funding was made possible thanks to the use of free-flow tolling.

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Photo credit: courtesy of Mersey Gateway Project


We operate Dublin’s M50 barrier-free tolling system, one of Ireland’s busiest roads (+120,000 vehicles per day).

We also operate Ireland’s toll clearing hub, connecting 11 Toll Roads and processing transactions for over 500,000 tags issued by 14 different Toll Service Providers.

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M8_at_junction_15_tolled (1)

Photo credit: Seighean