emovis in the USA

emovis has been a central player in the U.S. tolling market for nearly four decades. Since its inception in 1979, the company has successfully delivered dozens of tolling projects across the majority of the U.S. states, including U.S. territories.

emovis initially operated as TDC, Inc. It first introduced Automatic Coin Machine (ACM) technology to the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (now the MTA) in New York, quickly building its best-in-class reputation. By the mid-1990s, the company had deployed its technology in the states of Delaware, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, on U.S.-Canada border bridges, and in Puerto Rico.


With the advent of early electronic toll collection (ETC) systems in the 1990s, TDC was among the first companies to become a systems integrator of complex electronic tolling solutions. It changed its name to InTranS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) in 1999 to reflect its new market positioning. InTranS completed a series of successful flagship ETC projects that included the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the first Open Road Tolling (ORT) system in the United States, for the Pocahontas Parkway/Route 895 in Richmond, Virginia.

It was for the Pocahontas Parkway that the company first developed the earliest version of FastFlow, emovis’ current all-electronic tolling software. Over the same time span, InTranS assisted a number of clients with their Y2K preparations, performing major upgrades on tolling facilities in Niagara Falls, New York, on the Blue Water Bridge in Ontario, and on the Detroit Tunnel in Michigan.

In 2005, based largely on the success of the Pocahontas Parkway project, InTranS undertook an ambitious installation for San Diego’s South Bay Expressway (SBX) that combined ORT, ACMs, and cash lanes in a single, integrated tolling system. That project led to the development of a fully-featured tolling back office system that became the company’s flagship offering for the emerging customer service center (CSC) market. Subsequent installations based on the SBX experience included the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) Hub, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority, the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, the Golden Ears Bridge and Port Mann Highway in British Columbia, the M50 Motorway in Dublin, Ireland, and the Metropistas highway network in Puerto Rico.

emovis leveraged its established leadership in electronic tolling as provider of the cloud-based technology solution for the ATI Interoperability Hub. The project brings the company unparalleled experience in the emerging practice of tolling interoperability.

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At the dawn of the new century, electronic tolling became part of a wider solution known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Thanks to the spectacular growth of IT computing power, electronic tolling became not just a solution for collecting tolls on highways, but also a key instrument for managing congestion, optimizing traffic flows, and reducing harmful air pollution.

InTranS thus changed its name to CS ITS America between 2009 and 2012, then to Sanef ITS America from 2012 to 2016, before establishing the emovis brand in June 2016 as the toll service delivery and technology arm of Abertis, the world’s leading highway concessionaire, with more than 5,150 miles of roadways under direct management.

Once again, the new brand (electronic-movement-Abertis) reflects the company’s rapid evolution to a core business of toll-based mobility solutions and services. It also captures the unique advantage emovis brings to the U.S. marketplace as a 100% wholly-owned business unit of a committed, long-term industry leader. emovis leads Abertis drive to invest in innovative mobility solutions, while benefitting from the parent company’s extensive depth of resources and experience.

Through the second decade of the 21st century, emovis is sustaining and accelerating its established industry leadership with a focus on smart, toll-based mobility solutions. The practice encompasses a full suite of cutting-edge technologies, including GPS-based tolling to offer Vehicles Miles Travelled mobility pricing, smartphone apps to vow the Millennials, Business Intelligence tools to drive customer satisfaction, and cloud-based IT architectures and cybersecurity techniques to protect critical tolled infrastructures.

The company’s operations at London’s Dartford Crossing, UK’s hottest traffic point (over 180,000 vehicles per day), and on Vancouver’s Port Mann bridge (North America’s largest toll point), demonstrate a relentless drive for excellence in customer care, and in efficient, resilient all-electronic tolling systems.

Our lead role in the Oregon’s OreGo mileage-based usage fee (MBUF) pilot program is a shining example of emovis commitment to constant innovation.

These are only few examples of emovis’ current toll-based mobility portfolio.

With a strong presence at its New York-area main office, emovis is a committed tolling industry player. The company works to advance and sustain the U.S. industry through its active membership in the not-for-profit TeamFlorida, the recently-established MBUF Alliance, and as a Platinum sponsor of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, the leading voice of the U.S. and global tolling industry.